Stepping Into True Identity


Over the past few weeks, Pastor Gavin has been referencing Matthew 25:14-29 as our base of scripture while we've looked at the difference between ownership and stewardship. God's Kingdom is about prosperity and influence, and He entrusts us with value in our lives (money, spouses, children, jobs, etc.) in the expectation that we will steward them well to bring about increase. But we're not in it alone - He's designed us to co-labor with Him! 


Increase only comes in two ways - ownership (self-reliance) or stewardship (God-dependence).

  • Proverbs 10:22 - God's blessing makes us rich and adds no sorrow. People who "own" may become rich but at a high price (broken relationships, anxiety, worry, health issues, etc.).

  • Deuteronomoy 8:18 - God gives us the power (ability) to get wealth. People who "steward" recognize that God is their source, and they seek His wisdom to bring about increase and influence. They see themselves accountable for what God has entrusted to them.


Prosperity is not money; it is the anointing from Him that enables us to prosper, to produce wealth.

Money is the greatest test of stewardship - it's how we discover whether our commitment is toward ownership (about ourselves) or stewardship (about the Kingdom).

  • We position ourselves for blessing when our motivation is Kingdom-directed.

  • If I see myself as "owner" and God asks me to give money to someone, it's difficult because I own this money, it's mine. That's why tithing is difficult for some - it's an ownership mentality. When I have a stewardship mindset, I can allow money to flow freely through my hands because my dependence is on God.

  • Money is power, so the test of money is how we are able to steward power.

  • Tithing is not about your money; it's about your relationship with God.

  • Through stewardship God entrusts us with His anointing, and when we act on this, transformation is activated.


The anointing of God takes the things from heaven and manifests them to us on the earth by the work of the Holy Spirit. Money is the proving ground and the testing ground for the anointing. How we handle money is how we will handle the anointing. If we misuse money and are not faithful with how we handle it, then we will misuse and be unfaithful with the anointing.



A fish only survives in its natural habitat -- the water. We've all probably seen what a fish does when it's separated from its native environment. Upon removal from water, it flops around unable to live in unnatural surroundings. Sometimes we feel out of place, like a fish out of the water. Feelings of unworthiness, not fitting in, being "less than spiritual," etc., cloud our ability to thrive as Believers. We turn to and fro unsure of what to do and where to go.

But the truth is that no matter what we feel like, we are IN God all the time. Just like the fish is fully alive in its natural environment, we, as born-again believers, are in Him all the time, fully enabled and strengthened by Him to thrive in everyday life.


Relax. You're strong in the Lord because you're IN the Lord. You are filled with Him and His power, might, and strength.

  • Ephesians 6:10 - " strong in the Lord and in the power of His might."

  • Strong = power, to be enabled, to be empowered. It means an excessive dose of inward strength.

  • Might = likened to a very, very, very strong bodybuilder.

  • Power = "kratos" in the Greek. This is demonstrated power; resurrection power; the power that God used to raise Jesus from the dead.


Because you're in Him, you're sealed.

  • Once you accept Jesus, you're in God. You're sealed (secured) into Jesus. He won't let you go, and you can't get out. You're like the fish living its natural habitat of water; Kingdom becomes your natural habitat.

  • Fish don't need faith to get in the water. They just live in it and thrive. You're in God, so live in Him and thrive.


Meditation on God's love is key.

  • When we read or listen to something over and over, we begin to believe it. We must keep ourselves filled with God's truth so that we believe that what He says about us is true - because it really is!


“It is through Him that we live and function and have our identity…” (Acts 17:28 – Passion Translation). God has orchestrated everything about you – your style, your personality, etc. He’s created you to impact people that nobody else will be able to connect with. And through your connection with them, He’ll draw them into Himself. Believe that you’re in Him (encapsulated) and that He completely fills your being.

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