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We’re a church community that is passionate about pursuing God’s presence and His purpose for our lives. 


young man smiling

Nathanael Knight | BIO

woman smiling

Bebette Williams | BIO

man smiling

Abel Diaz | BIO

woman smiling

Cathy Morris |  BIO

latino man smiling

Rafael Gutierrez | BIO

older woman smiling

Sally Tomko | BIO

man smiling

Gavin Lubbe | BIO

older woman smiliing

Joan Lubbe | BIO

older man smiling

Bill Hajtun |  BIO


young woman smiling

Christin Diaz |  BIO

asian lady smiling

Grace Yum |  BIO

caucasian woman smiling

Heather Craig | BIO

red hair woman smiling

Linda Miller  | BIO

young woman with glasses smiling

Jackie Gutierrez |  BIO


older black man

Rodney Cash |  BIO

woman smiling

Jody Naleppa |  BIO

african man smiling

Samuel Boateng | BIO

african woman smiling

Omo Abifarin |  BIO

woman with glasses smiling

Sandy Heid | BIO

man smiling

Bill Mahoney |  BIO

older woman smiling

Reta Rodgers | BIO

older man smiling

Bruce Thoen |  BIO

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