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On our journey toward destiny, we experience many successes, but we also face disappointments from time to time. Unfortunately, the disappointments can leave our hearts broken, our minds confused, our emotions scattered, and our wills shaken. But God’s purpose and destiny for us never changes – it’s never too late to overcome those things that have challenged us. Through small groups and personal ministry, the Life Transformation Center is designed to bring healing and wholeness to our hearts, enabling us to hurdle past disappointments and strongholds and move forward in God’s plan for our lives. 



We’re created by God to be dependent on Him and to value inter-dependency with each other. Through circumstances of life, however, many times we adopt a “codependent” lifestyle, meaning our behaviors and reactions to people and situations become based on how we feel we will be accepted or perceived by others. Rather than acting out of truth and self-confidence in God, we respond so that others will approve of us. The end result is a continual stream of unhealthy relationships. Some common characteristics include: “bending over backward” (or enabling) to take care of others (many times at the risk of destroying yourself and other relationships), not trusting your own feelings, feeling guilty for not doing enough, staying quiet to avoid arguments, one-sided relationships, staying in bad relationships (or even sabotaging good ones), trouble with emotional intimacy, and workaholism and other addictions.


Codependency is seeded in heart issues that need to be healed; to walk in our divine purpose and destiny, we must be able to recognize it in ourselves. This course helps you identify unhealthy relational behaviors and develop appropriate responses based on God’s perspective of relationships. 


Codependency Groups run periodically throughout the year. For more information, contact Pastor Sally at


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