School of Word & Worship

If you desire to combine the study of the Word with deep worship and a personal encounter with God, the School of Word & Worship is the place to be. The School cultivates an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to move freely and for us as Believers to practice moving with Him. It’s a safe place to learn and grow by letting people truly be themselves in God while stimulating and provoking spiritual growth and maturity. Being able to understand and flow with the moves God is key to walking out our spiritual destiny.


The School of Word & Worship gathers every Wednesday in the main sanctuary from 7:00-9:00pm and is open to everyone. Children's ministry is available for kids ages 3 (potty-trained) through 5th grade. For questions, contact Pastor Cathy Morris at

SOWW Chats: Join us from 6:00-7:00pm in the coffee shop for SOWW Chats. This is a time facilitated by a ministry leader where you can ask questions, share testimonies, or just simply chat about life in God.

Curriculum for "Building Blocks for 20/20 Vision"

January/February:  God's Perspective on Faith
Example teaching topics:

  • God's character & nature: If you are going to trust someone, you need to know what type of individual they are.

  • Adjusting your thinking:  The aspect of evaluating and adjusting our thinking to align with Truth.

  • Confident Faith:  How we live it out practically.

March/April:  Your Inheritance in God (Covenant)

Example teaching topics:

  • Covenant Defined:  What is it and how does it relate to God?

  • Healing: Both personal and sharing it with others.

  • Prosperity: Living with increase in every area of your life.

May/June:  Kingdom Truth: Having a Healthy Perspective on Identity

Example teaching topics:

  • Authority & Dominion: The right to handle situations the way God would.

  • The Spiritual Dimension:  There's more happening than what you can see with your natural eyes.

July/August:  The Person of the Holy Spirit

Example teaching topics:

  • Who He Is:  How to relate to Him personally.

  • Being "Spirit-Filled":  What it actually means and the benefits of it.

September/October:  Prayer & Worship

Example teaching topics:

  • Relationship with God:  Exploring various aspects of prayer & worship through our interactive connection to God.

  • A Devoted Life: Worship is more than music.


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