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Partnership with Living Faith is not about joining a church as much as it is becoming committed to a vision.  The vision that God has given us is that Northern Virginia shall be saved. The greatness of this vision can only be accomplished through partnership – each of us coming into agreement and making mutual contributions in order to realize and work toward accomplishing that goal.

Our Part
In partnership, Living Faith commits to two things. First, we commit to helping you walk into your destiny.  Your destiny is spiritual in nature (being conformed to God’s image), so we will help you walk into a revelation of what it means to be changed and to walk into the fullness of everything Jesus provided for you.  

Second, we commit to helping you walk into your purpose. Purpose is coming to that place where we understand that we have the spirit of Christ on the inside of us, and when we move into and engage in everyday experiences in connection Him, He guides us. He opens the eyes of our understanding, and He moves us into encounters where we realize things that we are not able to do in and of ourselves. We are enabled as a result of the life of Christ on the inside of us.

To help you walk into purpose and destiny, we create environments where we come together corporately to experience and realize what it is to encounter God together and to walk into the fullness of purpose.

Your Part
We look for two things in partnership: volunteering and tithing. Volunteering is important for two reasons: first, it gives you the opportunity to take your gifting and put it into a practical context in a corporate setting. This is important and helpful because we're not as much about function as we are about operating in the anointing. Volunteering puts you in an environment where the people around you will encourage you and work with you so that we don't  simply operate out of function, but we operate out of anointing; we operate out of that place where we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and lead us into encounters with other people. We purpose to make church a safe place to learn and grow, so when we’re all practicing here together, it helps prepare us to release His anointing out into the world.

Second, we look for people who are tithers and givers into the ministry. If we support the vision, it is not only important to support it with our time and gifting, but we are very much dependent on supporting it in the way that God blesses us. God blesses us and gives us wealth, and He puts us in places where we are able to accumulate abundance and blessing, but He looks for us to use those blessings for the extension of His Kingdom. That’s why we are big believers in tithing and giving. 

I hope you will consider becoming a partner with us, and I look forward to great things that we'll be able to do together. 

Pathway to Partnership 

1. Participate in a 5-week Foundations Course.  This course will help you become acquainted with our foundational beliefs and give you a brief introduction to Living Faith.  Our next Foundations Class is scheduled for early 2021. 

Child care is available for parents with children attending Foundations.

2. Have a personal meeting with one of our pastors to explore partnership and where your giftings can be expressed in our church family.
3. We will be hosting New Partner Gatherings in 2021.  These gatherings will give you an opportunity to meet our leadership team as well as other partners at Living Faith and begin to feel connected.  Once organized, we will provide the dates for our next New Partner Gathering.   


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