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Entering Into Fresh Perspectives With God 



Let's grow together.

We want to invite you to join us for our spring workshop series specifically designed to bring you closer to God’s heart and to find Him in the hidden places in and around us.

We have created three opportunities for you to practice hearing God’s voice and trust His revelation. We encourage you to sign up for the workshop that speaks most to where you are in your walk with Him.  


The Secret Place 

Workshop 1 - Sunday, March 5

This workshop is designed for women who want to grow in their ability to encounter God in their personal quiet time. Women will leave with inspiration and expectation for encountering God in their personal, private time with Him. 

Floral Card

All I Have To Give

Workshop 2 - Sunday, March 12

This workshop is designed for women who want to grow in their confidence to give to others by seeing the beauty they possess and trusting that God created us for community. Women will leave with beautiful stationery for their brothers and sisters in Christ and growing confidence to connect.

Seeeing Beyond 

Workshop 3 - Sunday, March 19

This workshop is designed for those who want to grow in their ability to see God in every facet of life. Women will leave with a new experience of letting go and letting God reveal Himself in unexpected ways through unconventional painting.

Paint Colors
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